Get instant results with no paperwork from any device.

Built from the ground up to give you the fast, hassle-free financing options your customers are looking for.

  • Add your logo, control your application colors, add social links, and more from one simple desktop or mobile interface.

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  • Reach customers with texts right from your dashboard. Save customer information, track data, get sales.

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  • Customers apply online from mobile, tablet or PC. Keep track of applicants in your dashboard and review results.

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  • Customers receive clear financing options with the information they need to move forward with your product or service.

    Why Offer Financing?

    • Increase Average Ticket Size

      Advertising financing helps eliminate the focus on total price, and instead shifts the focus to affordability. By leading with financing, you'll make your product more affordable with low monthly payments. Shift your focus away from total price and begin increasing your average ticket today.

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    • Increase Conversion Rates

      By advertising affordable financing options online, you're giving your customers another way to pay. Make your product more affordable for more people to increase conversion rates and see more "browsers" become "buyers."

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    • Increase Sales & Grow Revenue

      Our finance program should be looked at as a sales and marketing tool for your business. Increase sales by advertising financing options to attract more customers to your business and use one of our many promotional offers as a way to close more sales.

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    • Attract New Customers

      Use our program to advertise affordable monthly payment options in conjunction with your "buy today" sales price. By advertising a low monthly payment, you're appealing to those customers who can't afford the total cash price of your product or service today. Use one of our special promotional offers as a marketing tool to drive more customers to your business.

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    • Make Your Business Stand Out

      Use our finance program as a way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Offer your customers a compelling offer by advertising your new financing options with affordable, FIXED monthly payments. Let your customers know that you can approve a wide variety of credit profiles and to come in to apply for financing today.

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    • Gain New Leads Through Your Website

      GH Financing is a great way for you to gain new customer leads online. We provide advertising banners for use on your website to encourage customers to apply for financing to check their rate. Each customer, regardless of whether they're approved or not, is sent to your online portal where you can track their progress with your dashboard.

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    The Numbers Don't Lie

    Point of Sale Financing is important to your business, but don't just take our word for it.

    Consumer finance spending graphic. $391 Billion each year.

    $391 Billion

    Is the estimated volume of Consumer Finance spending each year in the United States

    Consumers prefer financing options. 77% prefer financing options.

    77% Prefer

    Of consumers who used financing say the availability of financing drove their choice of retailer.

    Estimated yearly sales increase with GH Financing. 20% estimate.

    20% Increase

    Estimated yearly increase in sales expected once GH Financing is implemented in your business.

    Features at a Glance

    We make it simple for any business to offer multiple financing options to clients for things like home improvement projects, business expenses, medical bills, student loans, legal fees, and other planned or unplanned expenses.


    Track applicant activity, retain contact information and maintain better customer relationships.


    Seamless customers application process from any device, any time, with a personalized web experience.


    Customers access instant results with APR starting at 4.89% for up to $100,000 WITHOUT impacting credit scores.


    Once a customer application is approved, funding occurs within 2-3 days so you can start your job and get paid.


    Get results from top-tier lending partners like Goldman Sachs Marcus, SoFi, Upgrade, best egg, and others.


    There are never any signup fees, application, or hidden percentage fees for your business.

    Simple Pricing

    No hidden charges or surprises - ever. Everything you need is included to start financing today.

    LoanPro Merchant License

    $69 per month

    No contracts, cancel any time, fantastic customer service. Unlimited customer applications per license agreement. Up to 10 salespeople per merchant account.

    Unlimited Applicants

    No limits, access as many applications as you need throughout the day, month or year! No additional or hidden fees.

    Everything Online

    Merchant dashboard with applicant tracking. No paper forms. Simple 3 step online application process.

    Custom Website

    Customizable application website. Add logo, change colors and text. Send via text, email, or link from your site.

    Premium Support

    Reach REAL people from Austin TX when you need help. 99% website uptime and online chat options.

    Our network is YOUR network.

    Our platform automatically chooses financing options from 14 trusted financial providers automatically. No second guessing, no additional paperwork, no setup.

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    Request a Demo or More Information

    Touch to call 512-851-1169

    GH Financing LLC
    12171 W Parmer Lane
    Cedar Park TX, 78681, U.S.

    Our average response time is 10 minutes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For additional information, use the form above or call 512-851-1169.

    • How does GH Financing work?

      GH Financing makes it simple. After signing up for the service, you'll be able to customize your customer application page, with your logo text and color scheme. You'll share you this page with customers via text, email, or from your website.

      Customers then complete the quick 3 step online application. They are instantly pre-qualified from one or more of our 14 lending providers. Customers can decide which funding option is best for them and complete the loan application.

      After approval, money typically hits the customer's bank account with 24-48 business hours.

    • Does the application process affect my customer's credit score?

      In short, NO. While the application does pull credit information to check creditworthiness information needed to pre-qualify applicants, it does this through a soft credit check which does not affect credit scores.

    • How do I get paid and how long does it take?

      After approval, your customer will typically receive funds within 24-48 business hours. When funds hit their account, they can pay you! We suggest locking contracts in with a non-refundable pre-payment - however, this is entirely up to you as a business.

    • Are there any pre-payment penalties?

      No. Our lenders do not have loan pre-payment penalties or fees. In fact, they love getting paid early :) This makes financing ideal in situations where your customers are waiting on insurance claim funds for example.

    • What are the general loan terms?

      Loans can range from $1000 - $100,000 making GH Financing an excellent choice for a variety of loan purposes. Our lenders work with credit scores between 580 and 800 and terms range from 2-5 years.

    • What is the approval rate?

      This is the most frequently asked question we receive. Estimating your approval rates is tricky because it depends on so many factors. Loan providers consider overall credit health, debt-to-income ratio, yearly income, repayment history, education, home ownership, and other factors when providing loans.

    • Am I responsible for repaying loans if my client defaults?

      No, your business has no risk of recourse.